Impact Diesel is Your One Stop Shop For Diesel Pickup Trucks!

If you are having problems with your diesel machine, we would love to diagnose and correct any problems that you might be having. Below is a list of specific services that we specialize in:


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Air Conditioning Repair

  • Complete A/C Service
  • Compressor Service
  • Condensor
  • Evaporators
  • Lines, Hoses & Belts
  • Coolant Exchange
  • Water Pumps
  • Cooling Fans
  • Thermostats
  • Hoses
  • Cooling System Upgrades

Electrical / Computer Repair

  • Electrical Diagnostics
  • Software OEM Updates

Intensive Course

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Charging System

  • Glow Plugs
  • Glow Plug Controllers

Exhaust Repair and Upgrades

    • Repairs
    • Catalytic Converters
    • Aftermarket Upgrades

      Engine Repair

        • Minor & Major Repairs
        • Complete Overhaul
        • In-Frame Overhaul
        • Aftermarket Engine Upgrades

          Fuel System

              • Fuel System Service
              • Injectors (Bosch-Alliant Power)
              • Fuel System Upgrades
              • Fuel Injection Pumps/Feed Pumps

                  Turbo Charges

                    • Minor & Major Repairs
                    • Complete Overhaul
                    • Aftermarket Turbo Upgrades

                      Transmission Repair

                            • Automatic Transmission
                            • Manual Transmission
                            • Transfer Case
                            • All Upgrades Available

                                  Steering / Suspension

                                      • Ball Joints
                                      • U-JointsrnLift Kits
                                      • Aftermarket Products
                                      • Shocks

                                          Brakes Repair

                                                  • Brake Service
                                                  • Brake System Upgrade
                                                  • Heavy Duty Brake Lining
                                                  • Resurfacing (Rotors-Drums)
                                                  • Complete Brake System Flush


                                                                • Synthetic Service
                                                                • Front Differential Service & Rebuild
                                                                • Rear Differential Service & Rebuild
                                                                • Front and Rear Gear Ration Upgrades

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                                                                      Why Choose Us…

                                                                      Here’s what our happy customers had to say about our services:

                                                                      “Service and work went beyond my expectations.”

                                                                      Jennifer C., Google Review

                                                                      “Very high quality work. These guys know everything about dodge trucks. I would not trust anyone else.”

                                                                      Niel V., Google Review

                                                                      “Impact Diesel is where i recommend repairs. I had great experience with my ford power stroke. Other diesel shops wanted close to dealership prices and Impact was way cheaper and used same factory parts. Excellent repair facility.”

                                                                      Grant H., Review

                                                                      “What can I say about Marc at Impact Auto, once you let them fix your ride you”ll go back again and again GUARANTEED! They are definitely fair and honest, know their stuff for sure. Thanks Marc for handling all our car repair needs.”

                                                                      Sarah H., Phoenix, AZ

                                                                      “I have a 2004 dodge diesel truck was told i need a motor due to blow by. I was told by a tech at dealership to go and see impact diesel. They did not condem motor they did a repair which they called a in frame repair which cost less than half motor job. i would definetely check them out there are very honest. When picked up vehicle was completely detailed. They go the extra mile!”

                                                                      mtn exhange, Review

                                                                      “Finally found a trustworthy place to repair our F-250. They were fast, efficient, and fixed the truck for less than half of what the dealer wanted – truck went in today at 7:30 AM and was done before 5. They really were familiar with our truck make and model, and took a big load off our minds. Plus we were able to talk to the mechanic personally. I will be recommending Impact to our friends!”

                                                                      James B., Phoenix, AZ

                                                                      “I took my diesel truck there for repairs because i was told the did good work at reasonable prices boy they were right. Same work at another diesel shop i saved $1500 dollars washed vehicle and delivered. Boy what service and they installed factory parts if any body needs any repairs i would definetly check them out.”

                                                                      Guest98432, Review

                                                                      “I have known Chad (co-owner) for about 12 years and he”s been a mechanic for as long as I”ve known him. I was excited to hear he had opened up his own shop and I”ve been taking my cars to him ever since. The prices are very fair and the work is outstanding. My wife has had a recurring problem with her VW that the German mechanics have been unable to figure out. I brought it in to Impact and Chad had the problem resolved within minutes! I recommend this shop to all my friends and recommend it to you too!”

                                                                      Adam S., Phoenix, AZ

                                                                      Honest, knowledgeable, professional; these are a few things that come to mind when I remember my experience with Impact Auto. Another would be AFFORDABLE, ”nuff said.

                                                                      Azgrote, Review

                                                                      WOW….These guys are the best!!!! Very, Very Honest!!!!! I have been going here for a couple of years now. I won”t take my car anyplace else!!!

                                                                      Vetsales, Review

                                                                      “Just took my truck over to Impact Diesel and found a group of really nice and knowledgeable folks. They do all sorts of repair and modifications to trucks and were very nice and easy to work with. They took care of all of my issues and repairs to the vehicle and a week later am very happy with the work they did. Highly recommend them!”

                                                                      Joe A., Phoenix, AZ


                                                                      Free Oil Change!

                                                                      February 2nd, 2021|Comments Off on Free Oil Change!

                                                                      Free Oil Change, with any major repair.  Call for details.

                                                                      Got Diesel?

                                                                      March 1st, 2019|Comments Off on Got Diesel?

                                                                      Impact Diesel is a Customer Driven company, our main goal and priority is to ensure